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Business Image Coach

Who doesn’t want to stand out amongst the crowd?

Chix Designs will help your business wear the awesome look that will help you do just that.

You can find all types of designers out there…ones who can make you a logo, ones who will put a website together for you, someone to review your marketing challenges, another to help you with your print materials and ads, and then a designer to do a bit of graphic design work..

Yet as a Business Image Coach, Chix Designs not only offers those services individually, we do so much more.

We are a creative design studio that has extensive experience in Brand Identity, Website Design, and Print Media. We not only look at your entire business, we also look at the BIG picture. From your digital presence, to your printed and marketing material, to your social media design, we come in and help you determine your needs.  We then break it down into the details…from where to start, to how to improve aspects of your business, and ultimately how to make your image more professional.

Are you trying to figure out why your business is struggling with its brand image, know you need help in improving either parts of your image or the whole thing, or maybe you are a new business and want to get your brand image right from the beginning, then Chix Design is who can help you.